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Save Earth this is our only home


Or this will happen

This is our last chance..................

What can u do?

do something any thing,every brick is important no matter how small u think it is,when put together it builds a home.

give it a try.

do these simple things

1-follow this:Reduce,Reuse & Recycle

2-avoid using plastics bags use paper or jute instead

3-get ur vehicle maintained regularly it will reduce oil consumption & emission

4-walk when u can instead of using ur vehicle,it is healthy & saves fuel

5- use power optimally(switch off the lights,a/c`s,TV`s etc when not in use)

6-use paper intelligently

7-plant more trees,avoid cutting trees

8- be careful with those household chemicals.home chemicals are actually a significant souce of pollution in many communities. Dispose of old motor oil, pesticides, cleaning agents, and pool chemicals properly. DON'T dump them down the drain.And avoid putting too much fertilizer and and too many pesticides on your lawn. Your lawn will thank you, and all the extra would have washed into your local stream with the first good rain. Plus, you'll save money

9-Go outside(this is the most important thing you can do to save the world. Learn to love it. Go for a walk in a city park. Rent a canoe or a paddle boat. Visit a national park. Take up bird watching or camping or nature photography. And bring your children. The diversity of life and the beauty of nature are truly wonders. Enjoy them)

Ozone Condition:Read about the present ozone conditions prevailing.

Effects:What will be the effects of pollution,etc......

You can make a difference just try........